Initial Basic Training (Motorcycle IBT)

So Aidan, What is Motorcycle IBT?

IBT stands for Initial Basic Training and, since December 6th 2010, all people looking looking to ride on the public road must complete 4 modules of this training (16 hours). You need to do the IBT before you can apply for your full driving test.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

No, you only need your learner permit (previously called provisional licence) to get going. I can hire bikes and gear if you need it.

How many days does Motorcycle IBT it normally take?

It can be broken down, or, done back to back depending on your diary.

Is it a ‘one to one’ or a group class?

It can be both, however, ‘one to one’ is always the preferred option. Groups can work if skill levels are similar from the beginning.

How can I prepare for an IBT?

There’s no preparation needed. When you arrange your appointment I’ll give you an IBT syllabus to read through. I also recommend reading ‘This is your Bike’.

How much does it cost?

The complete training costs between €400-600 depending on the day you book and if I provide bike and equipment. As always let me know you read the blog and I’ll try to look after you on the price.

Where can I do it?

The main place I do the IBT (Initial Basic Training) is at the County Club near Dunshaughlin, Co Meath. (MAP BELOW)

I can also provide the training at Mondello – not the race track but at the same location!

Thanks for the info Aidan.


I have all the equipment you could ever need to get going on the road, eg HiVis gear, helmets, boots, gloves, and everything else!

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  • I went back on a bike after 10 years off them and Aidan got me from L plates to a rospa silver in 14 months, you get very clear and positive feedback of your riding skills(or lack of!)in a relaxed and enjoyable format, if your serious about biking this is a must.
    Bren1303, May 2011
  • Top coach - back on bikes after a long time off them and met Aidan through a Star rider course. A true professional when it comes to instruction and coaching - within 11 months I passed my driving test, the Garda Bikesafe and Silver RoSPA. His approach to teaching is calm and relaxed and he involves the student by discussion and demonstration, first class tutor highly recommend him to anyone thinking of starting or getting back on motorcycle.
    Pat57D, August 2011
  • I wanted to get back up on a 'Big Bike' after a six year gap, Did I still 'have it'? I soon found out. Aidan -boy is he straight. I was put through my paces. He is tough but fair - hugely expert in style, pace and 'know how'. I was exhausted - but deeply satisfied and sufficienly confident to achieve the Grade 2 standard. Aidan's sucess is down to a number of attributes but if one thing stands out - it's his passion for what he's doing. It's infectious. Thanks.
    Paddy Mc Namara, June 2012
  • Just spent a most enjoyable afternoon being coached by Aidan riding around Co Meath! This is a must for all u out there that want to become a much better rider and to get the most out of yourself! The guy is excellent, makes you so much more aware of what's going on when your riding! Can't recommend him highly enough, makes it so much fun!!
    Geoff Clarke, August 2012
  • I did my IBT with Aidan - having not ridden a bike before I was totally green! Aidan is a straight talker which suited me perfectly. I can highly recommend to anyone looking to get started on bikes or looking to update their skills! Thanks again Aidan - see you around Dunsaughlin!!!
    Mike from YouTube, June 2012
  • Aidan brought me out on track and instantly took the fear out of the whole experience. His experience re-assured me that my trackday would go smoothly and by the end of the day my confidence was back. 'Go slower to go faster' never a trier word! - thanks again Aidan.
    Sam Moorhead, Aug 2012
  • Aidan prepared me for my motorcycle test in 2012. The help he gave me went way beyond test preparation. He has a genuine and casual way of teaching that made the whole experience really enjoyable - highly recommended!
    Keith Clarke, June 2012
  • Within 30 minutes Aidan had improved my road cornering technique more than I had 'self' learned in 10 years. I'd highly recommend him as I know I'll be using his service again.
    Derek Traynor