What is Motorcycle IBT Training?


So Aidan, What is Motorcycle IBT?

IBT stands for Initial Basic Training and, since December 6th 2010, all people looking looking to ride on the public road must complete 4 modules of this training (16 hours). You need to do the IBT before you can apply for your full driving test.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

No, you only need your learner permit (previously called provisional licence) to get going. I can hire bikes and gear if you need it.

How many days does Motorcycle IBT it normally take?

It can be broken down, or, done back to back depending on your diary.

Is it a ‘one to one’ or a group class?

It can be both, however, ‘one to one’ is always the preferred option. Groups can work if skill levels are similar from the beginning.

How can I prepare for an IBT?

There’s no preparation needed. When you arrange your appointment I’ll give you an IBT syllabus to read through. I also recommend reading ‘This is your Bike’.

How much does it cost?

The complete training costs between €400-600 depending on the day you book and if I provide bike and equipment. As always let me know you read the blog and I’ll try to look after you on the price.

Where can I do it?

I can also provide the training at Mondello – not the race track but at the same location! The main place I do the IBT (Initial Basic Training) is at the County Club near Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.


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  1. Ryan Harkin Reply

    Hi Aidan,

    I have a full driving licences the last 6 years however I’m intrested in learning how to ride a motorbike. I’m just looking for advice on where to start from from licensing to courses.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,


    • Derek Reply

      Hi Ryan,
      You can get directly through to Aidan via his website (ridercoach.ie) or you’ll find him on Facebook as the same.

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